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1. Destitute Grant to World War-II Veterans / Widows Rs. 3000/- pm w.e.f. 1st September 2010.

2. Ex-Gratia Scheme to the Next of Kin of Defence, Para Military Forces personnel.

The total ex-gratia amount will be Rs. 1 crore. Rs. 50 lakhs will be paid immediately to the next of kin and Rs. 50 lakhs will be kept in a deposit scheme which will be released to the next of kin of defence personnel if his permanent address recorded at the time of joining the service is Delhi and Para-Military Force personnel, if his permanent address recorded at the time of joining the service in Delhi, at the end of 10 years. Interest earning will be given to the next of kin under a scheme whose modalities shall be notified by the Government.

Circumstances for eligibility for the grant. These personnel will be eligible for Ex-Gratia in case of action during following circumstances:-

  1. In action in international wars;
  2. While fighting in war-like situations or border skirmishes with any country;
  3. In action against armed hostile, militants, terrorists and extremists including sea piracy;
  4. During laying or clearance of mines, including those laid by enemies, militants, terrorists etc., as well as in the course of mine sweeping operations;
  5. As a result of exploding mines en-route to an operational area;
  6. During battle inoculation which include Army, Air and Naval training exercise as part of prescribed training exercises involving the use of live ammunition;
  7. Deployment with peace keeping mission abroad;
  8. During launching, transit and recovery of an air, surface, sub-surface craft on rescue mission caused by enemy;
  9. Air casualties, to and fro in an operational area, including an aircraft getting air borne from rear base/ship on an operational mission (against the enemy) becoming a casualty during take off/landing and in transit phase;
  10. Families of service personnel killed after being kidnapped by militants, terrorists, extremists etc. because of their official position or with a view to spreading terror. 3. Cash Grant,

3.Cash in lieu of land and Annuity to Gallantry Award Winners .

Award One time Grant(w.e.f. 01/1/2008) Revised Annuity to existing awardees
Param Vir Chakra (PVC) Rs. 25,00,000 Nil
Ashoka Chakra (AC) Rs. 25,00,000 Nil
Maha Vir Chakra (MVC) Rs. 15,00,000 Rs. 1,20,000
Kirti Chakra (KC) Rs. 15,00,000 Rs. 96,000
Vir Chakra (VrC) Rs. 10,00,000 Rs. 60,000
Shaurya Chakra (SC) Rs. 10,00,000 Rs. 48,000
Sena/Nao Sena/Vayu Sena Medal(Gallantry) Rs. 5,00,000 Rs. 24,000
Sarvottam Yudh Sena Medal(SYSM) Rs. 1,27,000 Nil
Uttam Yudh Sena Medal(UYSM) Rs. 75,000 Rs. 2,500
Yudh Sena Medal(YSM) Rs. 34,000 Rs. 2,500
Mention-in-Despatch(MID) Rs. 12,000 Rs. 500

All earlier awardees who have not claimed any monetary grant from the Government of Delhi, rates prevalent at the time of the award will be paid as and when claim is preferred. Cash Grant to Distinguished Services Medal rates w.e.f. 01-1-2008.


1. Param Vishisht Seva Medal(PVSM) Rs. 1,15,000/-
2. Ati Vishisht Seva Medal(AVSM) Rs. 57,000/-
3. Vishisht Seva Medal(VSM) Rs. 23,000/-
4. Sena/Nao Sena/Vayu Sena Medal(Distinguished Service) Rs. 45,000/-